Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Rewinds

I've been visiting Alabama for as long as I can remember. My grandparents call Decatur, AL their home, I call it a very boring vacation every year. When I think of "the Heart of Dixie," the first thought that comes to mind isn't indie rock but The Rewinds, who hail from Birmingham, have completely changed my perspective on music in the South and maybe they'll change your's.

Made up of Michael Shackelford (vocals/guitar), Glenn Drennen (vocals/lead guitar), Chris Markham (bass), and Brooks Marks (drums), The Rewinds have been hard at work combining their love for indie power pop with their Southern roots. They're opened for the likes of Better Than Ezra, Snow Patrol, My Morning Jacket, Eisley, and VHS or Beta. Their catchy melodies, upbeat energy, and brilliant lyrics make their self-titled album completely addictive. I've had them on repeat for the past week. They're kind of amazing.

The Rewinds - Ghostriders [MP3]

Video for She's In the Movies. You have to admit, their accents are cute:


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