Friday, September 14, 2007

The adventures of Via Audio in Lawrence, KS

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Via Audio, before and after their September 12th show in Lawrence, KS and it was quite the experience.

Around 5 pm, I headed over to my friend Lauren's house, where the band was staying. As I parked my car and checked my teeth for food, the nerves finally got to me. Was I seriously going to hang out with my favorite band? Yeah, yeah I was. When I walked through the door, Jessica and David were sitting on the couch petting Lauren's cat, J.T.T. (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) while Danny and Tom were at the park playing frisbee. We then decided to fill our empty stomachs with delicious Thai food. After dinner, some conversation, and taking a five minute walk around Mass. St, we headed over to the park for some pre-show jamming where we were eaten alive by mosquitos. Here are some pictures from the night:

The show was everything I expected and more. The band's energy radiated throughout the heavily wallpapered venue. Jessica's rendition of the running man dance and David's constant bouncy-ness added to their already lively show. One thing that really impressed me was the amount of talent the band had. It's hard to label each of the band members "the guitarist" or "the drummer" because each member knows how to play all of the instruments. Their performance of Presents was memorable, as was Oh Blah Wee, a song from Jessica's side project, The Stenographer's Alibi. If you missed this amazing show, here's a video of Presents:

Their new album, "SaySomething," comes out tomorrow, September 25 so please check it out! You can order one at
SideCho Records.


Nick said...

I was so worried you'd be able to see me dancing in this video; thankfully, you can't! :D

Anonymous said...

zen zero!

Gloria said...

I'm way jealous!

Megan, sounds like you're having a great time in college :)