Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adam Merrin

Adam Merrin can play your heartstrings like a damn fiddle. After hearing his song Still Alright on the March 22 episode of Grey's Anatomy, I rushed to my computer to do some research. Who was this man that reduced me to tears? Who was this man that provided the perfect music for the storyline of George and Izzy's complicated relationship?

I found out that Adam is also the keyboardist of the upbeat, rock/pop band The 88 which have lent their music to movie soundtracks (You, Me, and Dupree, Failure to Launch) and countless TV shows (The O.C., Laguna Beach, Weeds). Now, that I didn't expect. Adam's message in Still Alright is a far cry from The 88's sound which can usually be heard in the background of a college frat party on MTV but it's still great music and of course, I had to share.

Adam Merrin - Still Alright [MP3]


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